I am an applied scientist at AWS AI Lab working on open-domain search and QA. My current research focuses on model robustness against domain/distribution shift. In general, I am interested in fundamental NLP and machine learning research, but I am particularly passionate about leveraging AI tools to solve challenging real-world problems.

I recently earned my computer science Ph.D. degree from University of Southern California, where I was advised by Prof. Nanyun Peng and Prof. Aram Galstyan. My doctoral thesis proposes novel machine learning models/datasets for event-centric reasoning with applications in information extraction, question answering and language generation.

Prior to joining USC, I worked at Federal Reserve and Commonwealth Bank of Australia as a statistical researcher and a data scientist for more than three years. While working full-time, I obtained my Masters' degree in data science at NYU CDS where I had the privilege to work with Prof. Kyunghyun Cho.